"Yukuyuku" is one of the "The War Machines of the Past". It is also called the "spinning/dancing fairy" as it is a fairy shaped figurine which spins when used.



Activated Yukuyuku

Yukuyuku looks like a short haired kid resting on this arms, with his legs folded and with two pairs of sharp-edged wings, similar to that of a butterfly.

When activated, Yukuyuku starts to glow from within, slowly standing up and spreading its arms.

Specialty Edit

Yukuyuku is used as a container for magic rights.The magic power is stored when people undergo Magical Deliberation within its vicinity. This power is then released at once giving the perception that many magic users are present in the same place. Depending on its user, it can be the weakest or the strongest war machine.



Energy from Magical Deliberation being stored in Yukuyuku

Before being used Yukuyuku must be charged with magic power by people undergoing Magical Deliberation within its vicinity. But this process is dangerous and can cause the people undergoing Magical Deliberation to die from exhaustion.

Once charged, Yukuyuku can be used to do many non-attack related things like making barriers. The power of Yukuyuku is summoned by saying the incantation "Dance, spinning Fairy Yukuyuku!" followed by the requirement.

Once summoned, Yukuyuku starts to glow from within. It then stands up and spreads its arms, while rising into the air. As it rises, Yukuyuku does many dance-like movements giving it the name "spinning/dancing fairy".

Yukuyuku continues to shine and stay afloat till is work is done or when its store of magical energy is exhausted.

Past UsesEdit

Yukuyuku was used by Olivia Litlet to return the lost memories of all the meats.


Yukuyuku making a barrier

Yukuyuku was used again by Mirepoc Finedel to create a barrier around the Bantorrra Library, to protect it from the invading army. The barrier had the power to last for 3 days.

Known UsersEdit