Volken profile
Volken Macmani
Organization Bantorra Library
Occupation Armed Librarian
Grade Third
Weapon Discs
Voice Actors
Japanese Nakamura Yuichi
Kimura Haruka (Young Volken)
Source: Wikipedia & Official Site


Volken is a young, third-grade Armed Librarian. He was an orphan, taken in and brought up by the librarian's, he grew to respect and follow the armed librarian's code. The ex-acting Director Fotona, used to teach him, it was Fotona who inculcated his strong sense of justice.


Vlcsnap-2012-02-05-08h35m45s134 He has green hair and usually wears standard Armed Librarian robes. As child he use to wear similar clothes.


His sense of justice is unrivaled. Because of his strong sense of justice, he begins to doubt Hamyuts' actions. He was on quite close terms with Mirepoc.


His weapons are flying razor-sharp disks that he can control at will. He is shown to be able to separately control the path of each disc.

Magic AbilityEdit

His ability, is to use illusions to create multiple copies of himself, which he could also delegate to others for use in a form of a glowing green orb. This is seen in an episode with Olivia Litlet.

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