Book of Bantorra SF-BOB100 The Book of Bantorra is a world where deceased people turn into stone-like books. These books are collected, maintained and stored in the Bantorra Library. Anyone who reads a book can learn its past. Bantorra Library is maintained by the Armed Librarians, who wield supernatural abilities, and their supposed enemy is a psychotic cult known as The Church of Drowning in God's Grace.

As the story progresses it presents a world of sorrow and pain, and the unfairness and frugality of life, as well as personal desires. However, in each arc there is also a small underlying hope, and more of the reasons, conspiracies, and secrets are revealed behind everything. It is about a specific overall history in time of Bantorra Library and its people. Each character dies a sorrowful yet meaningful death, and each death opens a path to a small ray of hope in the world.

Genre: Mature, Seinen, Fantasy, etc.

The Book of Bantorra Promo V1

The Book of Bantorra Promo V1

Categories: Action, Seinen, Mature, Animax-Asia

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