Major incidents that took place during the course of the story in The Book of Bantorra.

The Assault Ship Off Arrow CoastEdit

  • A remote region near the sea of the north of the eastern coast of the Ismo republic, lies Arrow Coast. A large number of Mock men and Meats have gathered onboard a Shindeki ship. Hamyuts leads her team of Armed Librarians towards it. In the midst of the chaos, 2nd Grade Armed Librarian Kyasma perished along with the Meats in their surprise attack, while the rest of the Mock Men were annihilated by the Armed Librarians. As a rescue mission ensued for the rest of the remaining Meats onboard, the librarians stumbled across "The Will of Vend Ruga" and the existence of Olivia Litlett, as the rest of the Meats abandoned themselves listlessly into the sea. As a war triggers between The Shindeki Church and Bantorra Library, while the cause of the Dragon Pneumonia Disease is uncovered in the book of Shiron Byacornise, numerous figures of Yukuyuku is also discovered.

The Dragon PneumoniaEdit

  • True Men Cigal Kulkesa attempts to spread the lethal and infectious disease, the Dragon Pneumonia. Since the origin and treatment lies in the hands of Cigal, he intends to ride upon the spread of the disease and monopolize the sale of the antidote to accumulate wealth for his own. However, his strategy to assassinate Hamyuts Meseta failed and Cigal too died in the process. With the antidote in their hands, the Armed Librarians prevented further damage and controlled the situation.

Ganbanzel's MonsterEdit

The Revolt of MokkaniaEdit

The Cerulean DeathEdit

The End of Bantorra LibraryEdit

  • Ruruta Coozancoona, the Director of Bantorra Library, declares to destroy the world. With the power of "Tearless Ending", including Bantorra Library, he puts the world in endless slumber. As a small number of people stands up in a fight to him, at the same time, within his nonentity entrails, the people whose books he has consumed have also started in retaliation. With the history of Bantorra Library revealed to the public and the building demolished, the work of collecting and organizing books is assumed by another organization, the History Protection Bureau.

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