Shiron Byacornise wielding Shulamuffen


"Shlamuffen" is one of the "The War Machines of the Past". It is also called the "ever-laughing blade" for the shrieking sound it makes before it attacks.


The blade's hilt looks like a spider. The wielder is required to place his hand through the mouth of the silver spider.The blade itself is not present. It is created anew for every battle, protruding from the backside of the spider. The blade does not have a sheath - instead it is withdrawn into the spider's body after every fight.


The blade can parry any attack directed to its wielder making the wielder seem invincible.

The blade also has a conscience of its own, attacking a person without anyone wielding it or ordering it to attack. This is seen in the fight between Hamyuts Meseta and True Man Cigal with the blade attacking Hamyuts Meseta even when it wasn't wielded.


The blade emits a loud shriek before it makes an attack. The blade's attack can reach long distances thus movement of the wielder is not required. The attack follows a zigzag pattern causing large damage to everything in its path.

The power of the blade can be summoned by saying "Defile thyself, Shlamuffen". This incantation allows to blade to attack any number of opponents without the wielder needing to make any conscious effort to attack.

Shlamuffen can also be used as a regular blade. Swinging it around also works. A specific attack of Shlamuffen is that when it is pierced into the ground it can cause a large destructive shock wave to spread out in a circular manner.

Past usesEdit

Cigal and shlamuffen
Shiron Byacornise used it as a symbol of her greatness.
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True Man Cigal used it in the fight against Hamyuts Meseta in Toatt City.

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Hamyuts Meseta used it against Mokkania Fluru when he revolted.

Rithly used it during the battle against Bantorra Library.

Known UsersEdit