Also known as a twisted cult called The Church of Drowning in God's Grace, they are the antagonists of the story. It is mentioned by Kachua that the one absolute doctrine of the Shindeki Church is that Man and God are one and the same, and that Man has but one duty, that is to fulfill his own desire; all for the glory of God.

True Men
The highest rank in the Shindeki Church.

Kachua Binhas  

The leader of the Shindeki Church and an old man of small built. He was previously a first grade Armed Librarian and at the same time, the Governor of Paradise. Progressively, he expanded the Shindeki Church's power and started a revolt among the Armed Librarians. His ambition is to establish an absolute system whereby society is dominated by "God". He is a devotee to Ruruta after having witnessed his power. Before he met his death, he made use of Arkit Chroma and successfully created the Cerulean Death virus to drive the Armed Librarians to the brink of destruction. He dies by Enrique's thunderbolt ability and also appears in Ruruta's virtual world at the end of the anime.

Cigal Kulkesa 

An extremely selfish man and considers his self-interest a priority. Due to the knowledge he received from Shiron's book, he gained the advantage of a would-be successful strategy in his fight against Hamyuts. However in the end, he was wounded by Colio fatally before being dealt with a final blow by Hamyuts.

Ganbanzel Grove 

An elderly among the True Men. A self-proclaimed philantrophist who has an obsession and priority to create the "strongest monster". He was killed by Hamyuts in the end. In the anime version, he was killed by Enrique.

Mock Men
Their purpose and existence are to serve the True Men.

Alme Norton 

A red-head lady around her twenties who adores Cigal and plays the violin well. Has the ability of sensory threads although not as competent as Hamyuts. She fights with a rusty sword and is known as the "Red Rust Lady". As Cigal's subordinate, though she gains his tremendous trust, she is later abandoned and does not understand the reason for such. After Cigal dies, as revenge for those who killed him, she seeks out Lascall Othello. In her pursuit, she meets Mirepoc. Although their meeting has earned their sympathy for each other, a battle is yet inevitable. Alme is defeated by Mirepoc and Mattalast in the end.

Winkeny Bize 
A thin man with round spectacles. He consequently became a member of the Shindeki Church during his childhood, due to his mother's implication and has since trained to become a natural enemy of Mokkania. However, the result of obtaining his ability ends up only being able to physically change his body into petroleum, which has therefore deemed him worthless. While working as a newspaper reporter, he also works as a liaison for the Shindeki Church. In order to cause a revolt and to manipulate Mokkania, he did a thorough investigation about him. While his plans succeeded to a limit, he however failed to kill Hamyuts.
Zatoh monster
Zatoh Rondohoon 

A man about 185cm tall with transparent hair, who devours books and obtains their magic in the process. He is summoned as the "monster' in a surprise attack to Bantorra Library. Since he has devoured Enrique's book, a chance contact with Kumora's book awakens Enrique's personality that dominates Zatoh physically for a temporary time. It was through Luimon's and Kayas' assistance in immobilizing Zatoh in his virtual world later on, that Enrique gains full dominance in the end.

Locoro Bobatsu 

A combatant in the organization, who has a scar on his face. He has moderate combat skills, appears frivolous and shallow, and is scorned by the rest of the organization members. He is a subordinate of Winkeny and had infiltrated Bantorra Library with him to steal Shulamuffen in an attempt to challenge Hamyuts but was killed. (In another version, he died in the hands of Mokkania.)


A plump sorcerer who holds a high position in the organization and the magic ability of short-range telekinesis. He is in love with Olivia Litlet and keeps her by his side. For that, he is demoted to a "meat" as punishment for his mismanagement. He died protecting her.

Boramott Meif 

A sorcerer and subordinate of Ganbanzel. In order to fulfill and create the "strongest monster", he was put in charge for the cause to collect many male youths and train them. He is also the instructor of Alme and Winkeny. He is killed by Enrique.

Zakky Myron 

A loyal and faithful subordinate of Parney. He fights like a Lynx.

Ortho Gora 

Like Zakky, he is an old man who serves Parney.

Latte Malgund 

Representative Director of the Malgund Progressive Foundation. She used to be an attendant to Parney. In the anime version, she serves as Minth's assistant when he became the Governor of Paradise.

Daltom profile
The manager of Toatt Mine. He specializes in sword fighting and was also a loyal servant and Mock Men of Kachua. Originally an Armed Librarian, he was lured to rebel against Bantorra Library. He works as an informant and reveals information to the Shindeki Church. He was responsible for the deaths of Vizac, Noloty and Arkit.


The lowest rank in the organization who are not even treated as humans and handled like livestock. They are basically used as a convenience for the True Men, in their human experiments and as suicide-bombers. As a result, they have their emotions and memories erased.

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Other Misc Characters
Winkeny Bize's Mother
She appears in a few scenes in the anime. It is unclear what her rank or position is but most likely fall under the category of 'Mock Men'.
A sorcerer who appears in the same era with Shiron Byacornise. 
Arkit Chroma
Arkit belongs to the group of Music Corp, whose friends ended up dead from the war and is the only survivor of the group. Thus, he ends up nursing a hatred for the Armed Librarians which was made use of by Kachua. His ability allows him to infect anyone he touches.

Original True MenEdit

Shiron thumbnail

Shiron Byacornise
An 18 year old young lady who lived approximately 250 years ago, whose book was found by Colio. She was also known as the "Ever-Laughing Witch" and had distinctive hair colour like that of a calico cat. Her ability allows her to prophesize.

Chacoly Cocotte 

A childhood friend of Hamyuts, both had been kidnapped when they were young. She has brown complexion and violet hair, with distinctive white bangs. Her mastered ability allows her to read the hearts of others and instill her own intentions on them. She was raised as a 'tool' to kill Ruruta and consequently harbored an obsession for him. She is also known as the "Violet Sinner". She failed to kill Ruruta. Originally, before the beginning of the story (not the anime), she was found and killed by Hamyuts.

Parney Palmanta 

Once a popular actress, her real name is Lisa Paniz. She is tall and 23 years old. Her only friend is Mel. Being an obscure actress at one time, she had to give up her career. However, with the Shindeki Church's sponsorship, she became famous and had her taste of happiness. Unfortunately, she knew of the existence of Lascall and since it was forbidden, she did her own secret investigation and was brutally murdered by the Shindeki Church for that.

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