Sensory Fibres (jap. Shokkakushi) are slender, pale blue threads that the user can emit at will. They act as transmittors and enable the user to see, hear and feel everything at the location focused on. The fibres can be spread over a wide area or concentrated to a small area. They are virtually undetectable by individuals and hence a useful tool for reconnaisance.

Known UsersEdit

The only known users of this ability are Hamyuts Meseta and Alme Norton, though Hamyuts' ability to wield the fibres are decidely better, as she emits threads from her whole body to find locations of Meats who she quickly disposed of through her sling. However, Alme is only seen emitting the threads from the palm of her hand to find the book of Parney Pearlmanta.


Sensory Fibres cannot overhear telepathic connections, as is proven when Mirepoc faces off against Alme. After Mirepoc wins with the aid of Mattalast, she confesses that they spoke over telepathy to avoid tipping her off.