Ruruta Coozancoona

Ruruta Coozancoona was the only person to overthrow the god Bantorra and became the director of the Bantorra Library, he also founded the Church of Drowning in God's grace in order to collect books of pure happiness. He resided in the lowest level of the Bantorra Library in the form of a tree called Heaven.


Black haired Ruruta
He is extremely pale. His ability gives him transparent hair, eyeballs which are dark grey and light pupils. He wears two pairs of plain silver earrings and has a tattoo on his left shoulder, spanning across his chest and back. He wears light-colour drapes and black sandals. However, after his transfer of powers to Niniu, his hair becomes black and his eyeballs turn white, while his pupils remain the same.


He was willing to work hard,and undergo extreme pain to gain strength to defeat the Beasts of the Final Chapter. He is capable of great love, and remained loyal to Niniu's wishes. He always tries to give her happiness, even if it meant destroying the world. In that sense, he has an extremely narrow mindset.

Magic AbilityEdit

Ruruta Coozancoona Ability

His ability "Tearless Ending" enabled him to make snow falls on a global scale and anyone who touches it will fall into deep slumber for eternity. Apparently this is due to the fact that in actuality he, like Zatoh Rondohoon, is a book eater and can have many magic rights. However his power level is incomparably higher, as he consumed at least 100,000 books.


In his fight with the Beast of the Final chapter in the 694th world, Ruruta was seen transported airborne by Graograman and wielding Shlamuffen and Gumolk, the War Machines of the Past.

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In order to save the country, besides being made to believe that he existed only to save and protect humanity, Ruruta was forced to eat a large number of books and was weighted by the people's believe in him, which tortured him mentally. A young and beautiful minstrel, Niniu with the ability to heal wounded hearts found him and saved him from self despair. Ruruta fell in love with her and started to lose focus on his mission.

Unbeknownst to Ruruta, it turned out that in an attempt to thwart their romance, his retainers made him forget her by drinking from Argax. Ruruta only remembers her after Lascall Othello extracts her book and offered it to him. He becomes desperate at what he has done and in a resolve, destroys his imperial capital and his followers upon his return, founded Bantorra Library and the Church of Drowning in God's Grace in order to bring to Niniu ultimate happiness. If he can't succeed, he feels he must fulfill her final wish of destroying the world, which he promptly sets out to do after finally emerging from his tree, which he resided in for many years.

With the help of the Armed Librarians and the people's wishes, Ruruta managed to save the world and reunites with Niniu.