Rithly Charon
Organization Bantorra Library
Occupation Armed Librarian
Grade Trainee
Weapon Rapier
Voice Actors
Japanese Atsushi Abe
English Tiffany Grant
Source: Wikipedia & Official Site

Rithly is an 18 year old trainee Armed Librarian. His supervisor is Kyasariro. Although while being a trainee, he shows promising ability. He is good in cooking and gardening.

After a year from the Cerulean incident, he was promoted to an Armed Librarian.


Rithly has blue eyes and dark-blond hair. He wears the standard blue library uniform with a white collared shirt beneath but eschews the standard pants in lieu of shorts. He wears white knee-socks and brown dress shoes.

Magic AbiltyEdit

Rithly uses a rapier for a weapon and is able to release a shockwave from it.

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