Mokkania Fluru
Organization Bantorra Library
Occupation Armed Librarian
Grade First
Weapon N.A
Voice Actors
Japanese Ishida Akira
English Info
Source: Wikipedia & Official Site


Mokkania Fluru is one of the strongest, 1st-grade Armed Librarians, capable of defeating Hamyuts Meseta.

He is 23 years old and had a mother, Renas Fluru, who died 20 years ago.

Due to the Quinbecs Rebellion that happened four years ago between the Bantorra Library and The Empire, he felt guilty after killing so many people. In order to avoid contact with others, he locked himself and lived deep in the fifth labyrinth beneath Bantorra Library, where he replicated his room closely to the time when his mother was still alive.

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He took his own life out of regret by using his ability on himself and is one of the Armed Librarians who is summoned by Hamyuts during the fight against the Beasts of the Final Chapter in the last episode of the anime.


He is a lonely man who is so strong that he fears his own power. According to Minth's sacred eyes, his main trait is innocence and is practically a child.

Magic AbilityEdit

His magic ability is to control armies of flesh-consuming ants.These ants are spawned from his own body. He is a also capable of controlling a single ant.


Mokkania does not use any weapons, preferring to fight using his overwhelming magic ability. Incidently, the only magic right that has a chance against his is Ireia Kitty's, as agreed upon among the Armed Librarians.

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