Mirepoc profile
Mirepoc Finedel
Organization Bantorra Library
Occupation Armed Librarian
Grade Third
Weapon Sword & Pistol
Voice Actors
Japanese Sawashiro Miyuki
English Info
Source: Wikipedia & Official Site

Mirepoc Finedel is a 3rd grade Armed Librarian and is the instructor of Noloty. She was once a reserve officer of The Empire and was introduced by Hamyuts Meseta to join the Armed Librarians.


Mirepoc is a quiet young lady who is unable to express her true feelings over anything. These bottled up feelings tend make her lose focus on things often leading her in to trouble. She is in love with Volken.


She usually wears a maroon military fatigue and is a strict person. However, when she enters Fulbeck City under a mission, Mattalast made her change into a less conspicuous gown to match with the other citizens. For some period of time, after the Soul Tranference from Chacoly, her hair remains violet even after Chacoly has vanished in the nonentity entrail but it was shown that she regained her original hair colour years later.

During her days as the Director of the History Protection Bureau, she no longer dons the military fatigue but wears a black blazer and skirt, with black heels and tie. She also wears her blonde hair in a ponytail.


Her main weapons are a sword and pistol. Due to her lack of combat proficiency, she usually takes on a support role.

Magic ability Edit

Her magic ability is telepathy. Regardless of how far away a person is located, she can engage in telepathic communication with them as long as she knows their name and appearance. But this ability is of no use if the contacted person refuses to reply or is unconscious.

However, Chacoly also transferred her more powerful magic right, Soul Transference, to her in order to save the world. Mirepoc shared the Soul Transference with the rest of the people within its power reach, with its area shown to be fairly huge, in that it reached out of the shores of Bantorra, towards even Toatt Mine and Fulbeck City.


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Near the end of the anime, when everyone was affected by "Tearless Ending" and in deep slumber, she was awoken by Yor. Upon investigating the situation, she headed to find Hamyuts and found her 'dead' outside her office's window. She also realized about her forgotten feelings for Volken, after reading a book at the desk. However, Hamyuts was still able to communicate with her, most probably via telepathy. Chacoly then transferred her ability, Soul Transference, to Mirepoc to awaken the rest of the people who were asleep. It was here that Mirepoc's hair-colour changed to that of violet, a trait inherited as a host of the ability. After the Armed Librarians were dissolved, Mirepoc becomes the Director of the History Protection Bureau, where photoframes of the past and present hang on the wall of her office.

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