The Meats is a lowest rank in the organization who are not even treated as humans and handled like livestock. They are basically used as a convenience for the True Men, in their human experiments and as suicide-bombers. As a result, they have their emotions and memories erased.

In an episode from the anime, it is shown through Colio Tonis' perspective on how the Meats were brainwashed. According to him, humans are beings with the right to gain all the happiness the world may offer. Wounded humans are to be saved, suffering humans are to be rescued and the forsaken humans are to be loved.

Colio Tonis 
A suicide-bomber dispatched with a mission to kill Hamyuts Meseta. For the beginning of the storyline, he exists only for the purpose of eliminating Hamyuts, living almost without the experience of emotions. Aside from that, he has no interest in other things and is unsociable. On his pursuit of Hamyuts, he found the book of the "Calico Princess", which changed his fate and perspective. The change in feelings within him started to occur after reading Shiron Byacornise's book and eventually he fell in love with her. He is roughly 15 years old and hunched.
Leria Bookwart 

A suicide-bomber dispatched with a mission to kill Hamyuts Meseta. He is roughly in his twenties. Since he has no memories and personality left of him, he assumes the leadership position among the suicide-bombers. He shares a past with Enrique and Kumora and was influenced by them. While trying to kill Cigal, he detonated himself, killing himself in the process as well.

Huey Jyanfus 

A suicide-bomber dispatched with a mission to kill Hamyuts Meseta, always with a pale complexion and roughly 17 years of age. He is physically in bad condition and his wound, where the bomb was implanted, does not heal and is infested. He died later in Toatt Mine together with Luimon after an accidental discharge triggered by Cigal.

Vend Ruga 

A weapon made by the Shindeki organization with its body made of lead and was once human. By the work of magic, it took to the form of an automobile dummy. In order to fulfill the transformation, a motor circuit was embedded in its brain. On a side note, Vend Ruga is not a name of an individual but only of a weapon. It was originally invented for Kachua's use against the Armed Librarians.


One of the youths collected for Ganbanzel's "strongest monster" motive, with super-regeneration ability. Murdered by Boramott. After his death, his book was devoured by Zatoh. In short, Enrique's current regenerative ability belonged to Kayas.


One of the youths collected for Ganbanzel's "strongest monster" motive, has the ability to generate flame. He was defeated by Enrique and his book was devoured by Zatoh.


One of the youths collected for Ganbanzel's "strongest monster" motive, has the ability to generate water. His ability is on par with Enrique but was still defeated by him. His book was devoured by Zatoh after his death.


A young caretaker for the youths brought in by Ganbanzel. She is roughly 17 years of age and is short. Due to her encounter with Leria, she resolves to help others.


Olivia Litlet 
She was a Meat aboard a ship with others like her. She was shown to have more clout and leadership among the others, with an agenda of their own. Due to her resemblance to Renas Fluru, she was later used by Winkeny and had Renas' memories implanted in her, so as to have her assume the identity of Mokkania's mother. During her childhood, before becoming a meat, she formed a friendship with Vend Ruga who protected her from the Shindeki Church and from whom, she inherited the "Violet Wish".
She was however caught by the Shindeki Church's Mock Men and made a "meat". In her desire to regain her lost memories, she made use of the power of Yukuyuku (ユックユック) and her "meat" companions. However, after her plan was discovered, together with Charlotte, her memories were once again removed. While she was being pursued by Hamyuts, with the assistance from Volken and the Yukuyuku figure that he stole, she regained the loving memories of her "meat" companions.

Enrique zatoh

Enrique Bishile 
Originally captured for Ganbanzel's "strongest monster" motive, he consequently becomes a "Meat". After an encounter with Leria, Enrique yearns to laugh. Determined to become a monster and while receiving special training on a certain island, he comes to realize that killing a person would still not enable him to laugh. In his original appearance, he sports short black hair. After he assumes control of Zatoh Rondohoon physically, he too inherits his appearance and the abilities from the books the latter consumed.
As a gratitude to Noloty, he becomes a non-regular staff of Bantorra Library and lends his strength to the Armed Librarians. He is a person with hidden abilities and despite not being an Armed Librarian, his combat prowess is said to be on par with Mattalast.