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Organization Bantorra Library
Occupation Armed Librarian
Grade First
Voice Actors
Japanese Ōkawa Tōru
English Info
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He is a First grade Armed Librarian in his thirties and one of the five strongest Armed Librarians. He is one of the few who knows the secret of Heaven and also protects it.

Matt was a child prodigy who was promoted to an Armed Librarian at the age of fifteen. The illegal pub where he and a friend performed at, was known as the "Drowned Dog". The pipe in his possession is a keepsake from his grandfather.


He is a well built blonde who smokes a pipe. He usually wears a black tuxedo and bowler hat.

He used to have long flowing hair during his younger days, of which Volken Macmani said was hideous. However, he also sported a shorter crop than presently when he was in a relationship with Hamyuts.


He is an easy-going person and always known by people as a liar. He used to be in a relationship with Hamyuts.


His main weapons are guns. He uses a revolver and an anti-tank rifle.

Magic abilityEdit

His magic ability is to see 2 seconds ahead in the future, which he can use to preemptively take action in the presence of the enemy.


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In his earlier days, he was seen performing in a band in an illegal pub. It was also there that he met Hamyuts for the first time and fell in love with her. He later introduced her to work at Bantorra Library and lived together in his apartment. However, a turn in events led Fotona to order him to kill Hamyuts, in which Matt couldn't bring himself to. It was seen at the end that he still harbors feelings for her.

He is the only Armed Librarian sentenced to death but somehow remains alive at the end and makes a resolve to restore the books he destroyed in the past to guard the secrets of Bantorra Library, by meeting with the family and friends of those books' authors to learn about them and inscribe their stories within his soul, and return as a book in the end, as a collection of those stored within him.

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