Magic in the Book of Bantorra universe makes use of an individuals Magical rights or deliberation. It is founded on the logic of opposing reality through a reversal of the logic of the world, thereby creating a crack in reality in which their desire for change may occur.

Magic Deliberation Edit

It is the act similar to meditation, but is accompanied by speaking a mantra or chant which is filled with reversals of reality logic. This can be used to increase the output of a magical right, charge "The spinning/Dancing fairy" Yukuyuku or even undo the effects of Argax memory wiping.

Example: "That which goes does not come. That which comes does not come. The Moon is the sun. The Birds are the fish. The living are the dead. Steel becomes brittle. Reality becomes fantasy. Fantasy becomes real."

Magical Right Edit

This is the individual magic that a person may posses. Typically only one magical right is allowed per person, with certain individual exceptions and book eaters.

Known Magical Rights Edit

  • Cloth control
  • Corroding Flames
  • Creation and control of Flesh eating Ants
  • Emphatic infection
  • Hyper-Regeneration
  • Illusion Projection
  • Increased Speed
  • Materialize physical body into Non-organic Matter
  • Sacred Eyes
  • Sensory Threads/Fibers
  • Soul Transference
  • Singular Elemental Magic
    • Electricity/Thunder, Water, Fire, Light
  • Swimming thru surfaces
  • Precognition
  • "Tearless Ending"
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Telepathy
  • Time Manipulation