Kyasariro profile2
Kyasariro Totona
Organization Bantorra Library
Occupation Armed Librarian
Grade Second
Weapon Ammunition
Voice Actors
Japanese Hirohashi Ryō
English Emily Neves
Source: Wikipedia & Official Site

Kyasariro Totona is the 2nd grade Armed Librarian in her twenties and serves as a guide/supervisor to Rizuri. She is also a friend of Noloty.


She has medium-cropped green hair and blue eyes and is usually clad in Western-style. She wears a fitting, buttoned-down shirt to her shorts, which is secured by a belt. She pairs it with a light-brown vest and a red scarf tied around her neck. Her shorts and thighs are exposed as she also wears a layer of wrap-around like pants around her hips, that contours her legs till mid-way at her knees, secured by some buttons and hangs loosely at her boots. She tops it all with a cowboy hat and a pair of earrings. Her gun hangs by her side on another belt.


Living an enjoyable life is first on her list, thus she shows a lacking in responsibility and dedication towards her mission. Though carefree and irresponsible, she cares for her fellow librarians.

She is a sharp quick witted lady who can quickly grasp the situation and the source of a problem. She often expresses her fondness for quick thinking men.  

Magic AbilityEdit

She is a considerably capable person, with abilities considered on par with Volken and has a high precision of telekinetic power and proud at handling numerous firearms at a time. Her telekinesis allows her to use a wide range of weapons with sharpshooting precision and she almost always tends to use only guns. 


Her usual choice of weapons are handling two handguns at a time. However, when necessary, she is also prepared to discharge heavier weapons. She can also use five to ten different gun at the same time.

In one scene, she is shown to have lined up her revolvers along the side of the books' trolley as she was going through her rounds in the labyrinth.

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