Ireia profile
Ireia Kitty
Organization Bantorra Library
Occupation Armed Librarian
Grade First
Weapon N.A
Voice Actors
Japanese Takeguchi Akiko
Tamura Yukari (Young Ireia)
English Info
Source: Wikipedia & Official Site


The oldest, first-grade Armed Librarian in her fifties and one of the five strongest as well. Her job is to instruct trainee Armed Librarians. In consideration to her age, other than emergencies, she does not fight. In the past, it seemed that she was considerably dangerous as well.

Personality Edit

Her kind and friendly personality has earned the trust and love of most of the Armed Librarians, existing as well as a mother figure. She tends to think out things rationally and clearly, and does not rush over problems like the younger Armed Librarians.


She has her grey hair curled tightly into two buns behind her ears, with a pair of spectacles perched on her nose. Her dark blue dress has a red ribbon at the throat, and she always wears an apron, tied at the back in a huge bow. However, in her younger days, she was much more flamboyantly dressed in a red, ballgown-style dress with a low cleavage and long, blonde hair tied up. She wore a feminine lace choker, as well as metal/stone gauntlets.
Ireia kitty young


She has none, mainly fighting hand-to-hand. She has tremendous strength, which she uses to lift large and heavy objects easily. For an old lady, she has incredible agility and also capable of jumping over large distances like most other Armed Librarians.

Magic AbilityEdit


Her magic ability is localized time control. She can speed up, slow down or completely stop time.Objects must be within her line of sight for it to be affected by her magic. She can also stop time for herself, making her invincible though while in this state she cannot move or communicate telepathically.

However, this skill drains a lot of her energy causing her to become tired quickly. The extent and duration of her time control depend on her stamina.


She was killed by a hoard of exploding Meats, who were then infected with Cerulean Death and filled with hatred of the armed librarians.

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