Hamyuts Meseta is the Acting Director of the Bantorra Library. She is a first class Armed Librarian and also the strongest armed librarians.

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It was revealed later that when she was much younger, she was a childhood friend of Chacoly and that both had undergone inhumane experiments by Makia, with the purpose of eliminating Ruruta Coozancoona, whereas Chacoly was 'programmed' to love him she was programmed to enjoy pain and dying.

Appearance Edit


She usually wears a white button-down shirt with a small bunny patch sewn on the right breast. This patch also changes to different self embroidered designs. Her hair is also usually let down, only half of it is tied up with a big black/dark purple ribbon. However, before she became an Armed Librarian, she wore a red blouse belted over a brown skirt, with her hair plaited behind. She also wore spectacles.


She is usually seen as easy-going but has a cold-blooded and inhumane side to her as well. With a lust for blood and battle; she is always searching for an opponent strong enough to kill her. But when she met Nieniu,she was afraid of death. She also had a relationship with Mattalast Ballory in the past. According to Minth's Sacred Eyes ability, her main trait is self-loathing, her thoughts are void, and she wishes for love. She was also shown to like rabbits and coffee.

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She has also admitted that Chacoly Cocette was her only friend and comfort during their days where they were experimented by Makia, and that she had loved her(as a friend). A point noted, as to why Chacoly's ability didn't work on her.



Her main weapon is a sling (usually wrapped around her right wrist), which she uses to snipe enemies from a far distance with great precision and force. She can throw large objects, but usually uses small rocks or pebbles. The speed of those projectiles can reach 5 times the speed of sound. It was revealed in a later episode, that certain projectiles she shot were also capable of injecting sensation to the victim.

Magic AbilityEdit


Her magic ability of "Sensory Fibers", allows her to touch, feel and hear things from afar. Her fibres, when fully emitted, can reach approximately 50 kilometers, while the number of fibers total over a billion. But this ability of hers cannot be used during a storm, causing her hit-rate to drop considerably.

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Another ability of hers which was revealed only at the end, was to recall the books of those who have died, as well as to force book eaters to eat others' books which they have not eaten. It was this ability that also allows her to enter Ruruta's nonentity entrails. This can be seen during the fight against Niniu, when most of the fallen allies re-appeared at her will.

Since only those who knew Hamyuts appeared, it is presumed that she could only recall those whom she was familiar with. However, this 'resurrection' status was only temporary to the fact that they were already dead, as they were all last seen disappearing at the end.

Due to the inhuman experiments done by Makia in order to make Hamyuts a weapon to kill Heaven by the request of Heaven itself Hamyuts is not able to die, though it is not known if this applies to their physical world as this was only demonstrated in the inner world of Ruruta Coozancoona. Hamyuts immortality in the Inner world of Ruruta Coozancoona was achieved by brainwashing Hamyuts Meseta into replacing/adding that Death was something enjoyable and pleasurable. In the Book of Bantorra Universe one will only truly die if one has felt a feeling of loss which in the case of Hamyuts Meseta would not be achieved simply because of the brainwashing.

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