According to Ireia as dictated, long ago in a distant past, a being who called himself "the Overseer of the Alpha and the Omega" appeared. He first created the Heavens, the Earth and the Oceans, which took him a million years. He then took 100,000 years to mold and create the animals and plants, and another 10,000 years to create Man. Lastly, he divided his body into thirds and created 3 deities, giving each a role of their own to watch over the world.

As humanity kept making the same mistakes of persecution, cheating, stealing and planting sadness in the world, worlds are destroyed and recreated again.

It is currently the 694th world in the events of the story and the Gods are namely:

God of The Past, BantorraEdit

Bantorra represents the records of all humanity.

God of The Present, ToitorraEdit

Toitorra represents the maintenance of the laws of physics.

God of The Future, OrntorraEdit

Orntorra's role is to guide humans to a better direction.
Orntorra sent seven angels with seven war machines to destroy the Age of Paradise.