In The Book of Bantorra, there are cases of people who look the same but assume different identities or looks different but have the same name. This page is to clear up your confusion.

Enrique Bishile / Zatoh RondohoonEdit

Enrique and Zatoh are two completely different persons.
Enrique is a young man who yearns to laugh. As a Meat on a transport ship, he catches the attention of Ganbanzel and is chosen when he learns that Enrique has a strong desire to smile once. Ganbanzel says that Enrique would be able to smile if he becomes a monster. Determined to become a monster and while receiving special training on a certain island, he eventually comes to realize that killing a person would still not enable him to laugh.

However Zatoh, a Book Eater, absorbed Enrique's book. Unlike many others, Enrique's soul managed to take control of Zatoh's body for an extended period and used this as a chance to emerge and put an end to Zatoh.

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Olivia Litlet / Renas FluruEdit

Olivia was a meat, and Renas was Mokkania's mother. However, Renas had died 20 years ago. She "came back to life" when Winkeny implanted all of Renas' memories into Olivia's mind, letting Renas' personality take over Olivia's body. Although later, Olivia regained control of her body with Renas' personality a little voice in the back of her mind. However, unlike the case of Enrique and Zatoh, where the two men looked different, Olivia and Renas looked exactly the same especially due to Winkeny Bize' using plastic surgery' to accomplish the similarity.

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Renas Fluru