Chacoly Cocotte is a character in The Book of Bantorra. She is also known as the Violet Sinner.


A mysterious young girl connected to the Vend Ruga and a childhood friend of Hamyuts. Chacoly was bred and trained to be a tool by Makia, programmed to love Ruruta Coozancoona and end his life with her. However, as Ruruta rejected her for his love of Nieniu, Chacoly lost her mind, capable of compelling one nearby to love her, by using her magic right, Soul Transference.

Early lifeEdit

Chacoly was born to a human father and siren mermaid mother.


She has purple hair tied back with yellow ribbons in two braids framing her face, with a white bangs. She also has purple eyes and dark skin. It is noted that after her transfer of her powers to Mirepoc, her hair turns auburn. Most importantly, she is also depicted as a human girl who born with siren mermaid's blood.


She is extremely needy, yet cheerful at the same time.


She does not use one.


  • Chacoly was completely unaware that her maternal grandparents is a mermaid and merman.

Magic AbilityEdit

Her ability is Soul Transference, which is similar to Mirepoc's telepathy but of higher level, as it can control the minds of people and make them feel whatever emotion she is feeling because she injects part of her soul into them. Using this, she attempted to make Ruruta fall in love with her and die together, which failed miserably. While using her ability, her hair glows neon purple, a trait inherited from the ability. However, she transfers her power to Mirepoc in order to save the world. In which, she mentions that even if she dies in the process, the power transference will succeed. This ability does not work on Hamyuts though, as revealed in a later episode.