The armed librarians are people who protect the library of Bantorra. Each of the armed librarians has a special skill, which they use to protect the library and acquire new books. It is said that the Armed Librarian is the most difficult vocation to enter, as the absolute requirement requires them to be strong enough to take on the monsters lurking in the labyrinth and to oversee the books as well.

At the end of the anime, they were dissolved and the truth that was kept from the public was made known. The work however, of unearthing and organizing books remains and was left to the History Protection Bureau.

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First Grade Armed Librarians

Hamyuts profile

Hamyuts Meseta
the Acting Director of the Bantorra Library.She is a first class Armed Librarian and also the strongest armed librarian.

Mattalast profilepic2

Mattalast Ballory
A First grade Armed Librarian in his thirties and one of the five strongest Armed Librarians.

Ireia Kitty 

The oldest, first-grade Armed Librarian in her fifties and one of the five strongest as well.

Mokkania Fluru 

One of the strongest, 1st-grade Armed Librarians, capable of defeating Hamyuts Meseta.

Yukizona Harumi
A man designated as the next Acting Director. Although  one of the top five, he is frail and wrought with illnesses and is usually seen with his lower face covered. His partner is his sister Yuri.
Feekie Quinn
An Armed Librarian with the ability to swim through surfaces like walls and grounds. He's usually seen clad in blue military fatigue.

Second Grade Armed Librarians

Kyasariro Totona 

A petite 2nd-Grade Armed Librarian in her twenties who serves as a guide/supervisor to Rizuri. She is also a friend of Noloty. She can also control six revolvers while carrying a seventh which fire at her will.

Ruik Haltwain 

A burly man of enormous stature, with the ability to materialize his body into steel. His weight is approximately the sum of three ordinary men. He comes from Ismo Republic.

Gamo Rosso 

A middle-aged man with heightened five senses, used for tracking enemies and whose role is based as 'Information Support'. He comes from Ismo Republic.

Bonbo Tatamal 

A man of considerable obesity with an obsession with food. He's one of the top five and a prime candidate in succeeding as an Acting Director. He's an expert in naval battle and is able to defeat a fleet on his own. (This character may not appear in the anime.)

Vizac Jigraz 

A man in his forties who is usually seen with a steel helmet, second to Ireia in seniority. He wields a spear as a weapon. His magic ability enables him to launch a surprise assault, as well as an instant speed boost.

Third Grade Armed Librarians

Mirepoc Finedel  

Previously a cadet officer of Guinbecs Empire, she also guides Noloty.

Minth profilepic
Minth Chezain 

A sturdy man of 26 years of age. His ability enables him to see the hearts of people. Originally a thief in the town of Ismo, he was defeated by Ireia and forced by Hamyuts to become an Armed Librarian. After the death of Kachua, the identity of "Heaven" was revealed to him and he was selected to be the new Governor of Paradise.

Volken Macmani  

An adoptee of Fhotona. He is usually clad in the robes of an Armed Librarian and continues to believe in the justice of Armed Librarians.

Luimon Mahaton 

He stands at a height of 193cm and weighs 110kg. He is Noloty's instructor who was killed during an embroil with a suicide bombing.

Yuri profile
Yuri Harumi 

Yukizona's younger sister, who has the ability to treat her brother's disease although it is only a temporary measure and not fundamental. She is one of those who knew the existence of "Heaven". She fights with a gun during battle.

Daltom profile

The manager of Toatt Mine. He specializes in sword fighting and was also a loyal servant and Mock Men of Kachua. Originally an Armed Librarian, he was lured to rebel against Bantorra Library and works as an informant revealing information to the Shindeki Church. He was responsible for the deaths of Vizac, Noloty and Arkit.

Tena Tano 

A new face. A young bizarre girl. (This character may not appear in the anime.)


Noloty profilepic
Noloty Malche 

An extremely cheerful and exuberant young trainee and an expert in hand-to-hand combat.

Rithly Charon
 A young, boy trainee under Kyasariro's supervision, with a youthful appearance despite being an 18 year old.

Yankuu Quinn 
A youth roughly around 15 years of age, with a lean physique, who comes from the same vilage as Noloty. It is his admiration of Noloty that led to his joining the Armed Librarians and sharing the same hope of tribute to their village. He also has a younger sister Marny, whom he has no blood relations with but carries a great attachment to. After Noloty's death, his character went through an extreme change and vows vengeance against the Armed Librarians and the Shindeki Church. However, he was later convinced by Mattalast to join the Shindeki Church. His magic ability allows him to manipulate mud. (This character may not appear in the anime)


Fhotona Fhotona Badgammon
The previous Acting Director. A man in his forties despite having youthful appearance. Due to his abilities as a book-eater, he shares the same transparent hair quality like Zatoh Rondohoon and Ruruta Coozancoona. After giving up his position to Hamyuts, his memories of being an Armed Librarian was erased with Argax and he lives as a commoner.
Makia profile
Makia Dekishart
The Acting Director 3 generations prior to Hamyuts. He wears a spade-shaped eye patch around his left eye. Previously, after resigning from his position as Acting Director, he established the Research Facility and was responsible for 'creating' two weapons to annihilate Ruruta. His magic ability allows him to predict. His death ends differently in the novel and anime.
Hiza Miken 
A 2nd grade Armed Librarian with mediocre ability.
KyasmaToto profile
Kyasma Toto 
A 2nd grade Armed Librarian clad in robes and has long, silver hair. In the anime, he was killed in the Arrow Coast mission but re-appears in the final battle against the Beasts of The Final Chapter when his book was 'summoned' by Hamyuts.


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