Book Eaters are individuals who has consumed the books of others; thereby acquiring the eaten individuals magical rights. This allows Book eater to posses more than one magical right.

Overview Edit

Book Eaters are able to eat the books of others thru the power of their original magical right. Said Magical right not only allows them to consume the books, but also trap the souls of the consumed to make use of their magical right, granting the book eater access to various types of Magic.

Consuming multiple books may cause damage or failure to the book eater, as the Magical Rights of the consumed may go rampant.

Non-Entity Entrails Edit

The books/souls consumed are contained in the book eaters' Non-Entity Entrails. It is a type of pocket dimension wherein the souls of those whose books were consumed reside in with their egos intact and aware. This space is usually under the control of the book eater. A strong enough soul however, may be able to overthrow the original or those previously consumed may revolt from within. For that reason it can be assumed that typical book eaters entrap or encase their consumed prey in some form to restrict that possibility.

Characteristics Edit

  • Transparent or Clear glass like hair color.
  • Possession of Non-Entity Entrails.

Known Book Eaters Edit

  • Zatoh Rondohoon
  • Enrique Bishile