The Bantorra Library, built in the name of the god Bantorra, exists on an island on its own and is a gigantic archive where books from all over the world are collected and stored in its various halls and 5 underground levels of labyrinths, making it the world's most ancient library.

Bantorra has served as a director, and by convenience, a substantive chief executive is appointed Acting Director from among the Armed librarians. At the end of the Age of Paradise, Bantorra has abandoned his management and Ruruta Coozancoona becomes the Director of Bantorra Library. The aim of Bantorra Library thus becomes one of gathering books of happiness for Ruruta and his existence is confidential information that only a few know. In the current storyline, Hamyuts Meseta is the Acting Director.

It is mentioned that it is the final destination of all life in the world. Bantorra Library also allows days for the public's general admissions, during which Ireia is seen giving a tour to the public. Though the library has also forbidden all unauthorized book sales.

The LabyrinthsEdit

Bantorralibrary inner
Archived books with valuable contents that are not open to the public and books of high importance are kept in the lower levels. *Beasts that attacks indiscriminately, also resides in the labyrinths.

*This also refers to the Beasts of the Final Chapter

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