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• 1/10/2013

Reviews Thread

Hi all, if you've seen the anime or read the light novels, tell us about it. Depending on which applies to you~which format do you prefer? And so forth. Just remember to keep the content you're sharing with the general audience rating in mind. Have fun!

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• 1/28/2013

A review I wrote last time: (recycled ^^)

When I first started on this anime, I was curious how it would turn out, since the trailer left a mixed impression on me and all I knew was the summary about how people would die and then turn into books. But thanks to its varied, some-what attractive characters, I was at least interested in what they're going to do. So hence, the first few episodes.

It starts off with the obvious protagonists and their adversaries~not a doubt initially for earlier episodes. In short, we have the 'Armed Librarians' doing their jobs and their supposed sanctuary, Bantorra library. While on the other hand, we also have 'the Church of Drowning in God's Grace'.  Both intentions will persist in the story and get lost somewhere in the middle of it, making you question the sanity, values and the twisted mystery of their world. 

It might take a few episodes and a little further to get warmed up with most of the characters. Some were well-thought out for continuation and surprises, while for some, it was closure. Most of the questions would only be answered well before the curtains fall.  So you'll need just a little patience for everything to fall in place but you would not have to fret over boring episodes  since 27 episodes will soon uncover fast. In fact, I felt that some arcs/characters could have been explored more.

This is a some-what, serious-themed anime, along the lines of the frailties of life, tragedy, pain, humanity, love and if I could add, deliverance. Overall, the anime left a satisfactory and yet, relieved, bittersweet closure for me.

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